Alanar Nectrarines

Alanar Nectarines

Turkey is known to be a peach Growing Country. Nectarine production is just a small portion compared to peach growing.

Our Nursery Company Alara initiated and introduced new varieties of Nectarines to Turkish growers. Alanar Fruit Company produces mainly "White Flesh Nectarin" and also "Mini size White Nectarine" Alanar early variety nectarines are mainly packed in 500 gr , and 1000 gr punnets. Medium size, Large size nectarines are packed in one layer carton boxes.
"White Nectarines" are packed in punnets of different size and shapes. They are very popular for their intense aroma and unique sweet taste.

We grow 3 different varieties from early to mid season to late season to be able to supply them a longer period.