Antalya Orchards 25 Ha

Antalya 25 Ha Orchards

Antalya 25 Ha Fruit Orchards

In totaly 25 ha, at 65 meters altitude production of Pomegranates.

Alanar  which knows importance of Mediterranean Region, has established Alanar Antalya Orchard which has a sum of 17.000 fruit nursery including japanese plum, nectarine, apricot, pomegranate, apple and persimmion and located at Kozağacı Village of Serik Shire in Antalya.

Serik  Antalya Orchard which is one of the most earlist harvest region of Turkey, is being located among the first harvest regions of stone fruit production such as nectarine, japanese plum and apricot.  Also production of citrus fruit, pomegranate and stone fruit  is being done intensely in Antalya region.


Serik Antalya Orchard has  40 hectares production area and within 13 hectares of nectarine, 6 hectares of japanese plum, 18 hectares pomegranate ve 3 hectares of apricot is being cultivated.

In Serik Antalya Orchard, Gransun, Myglo, SSP varities of nectarine is being produced. Black Diamond, Black Amber and Balck Beauty are varities of japanese plum that are produced in the orchard. Among the varities of apricot; Tom Cot, Pink Cot and Flover Cot and Wonderful variety of pomegranate are being produced in the orchard.


The harvest of apricot  is being started on May 25 and continue to until June 30, nectarine is May 15 - July 30, japanese plum June 5 - July 15 also between October 20 and November 10 pomegranate harvest is being done.