As part of the “Eat Fresh Fruit” campaign, Alanar Fruit distributes black figs in Daçka

Alanar Fruit provides Bursa black fig boost to Darüşşafaka Tekfen players

Alanar fruit energized the players of Tekfen Darüşşafaka basketball team with Bursa Black Fig (BSI), which is considered the highest-quality fig in the world. Within the framework of the “Eat Fresh Fruit” campaign, Tekfen Agri General Manager Emrah Ince and Alanar Fruit team, who visited the training held at Ayhan Şahenk Stadium, distributed Bursa black figs with a very high nutritional value to the team.

Alanar Fruit, which continues its operations within Tekfen Agri, served Bursa black fig that it exports to the players of the Darüşşafaka Tekfen basketball team who trained in the Ayhan Şahenk Stadium. Alanar Fruit Bursa-Iznik Plant, which observes the Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Guide published for industrial organizations by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE), was awarded the ‘TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate’ and once again proved the reliability of its products. Bursa Black Fig, which has proven its reliability and has come to be known as the highest-quality black fig in the world, provided players with an extra boost of energy during training due to its high nutritional value. In the event held for the “Eat Fresh Fruit” campaign, Darüşşafaka Tekfen Basketball Team Head Coach Selçuk Ernak said the team has for years felt the support of the Tekfen Group, adding: “Darüşşafaka team has long been able to stand on its feet thanks to the support of the Tekfen Group. Thanks to the surprise of Bursa black figs from Alanar Fruit, we have once again felt that they are with us this season. The importance of fresh fruit in athletic nutrition is quite high. I believe that with this energy that we have received as a team, we will maintain our success this year in the new season. I also thank Alanar Fruit for its support to us and for contributing to the survival of Bursa Black Fig, which is a cherished geographical value for our country.”

Darüşşafaka Tekfen player Sinan Güler, who thanked Tekfen and Alanar Fruit after the training, said: ‘Seeing such a surprise towards the end of harvest time filled us with motivation and energy. We will put up a good fight this season without giving up any of our energy and motivation.”

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