To ensure the satisfaction of clients and stakeholders, increase company profits, maintain its leading position in the national sector and in the international agricultural and food markets, and minimize potential damage to employees, third parties, property and the environment while carrying out its activities.

Adhering to the traditional values of the Tekfen group, the company's mission is to become a leader and the foremost organization of its kind that comes to mind by producing the highest quality services in the field of agricultural activities; in doing so, it also aims to create value for all its stakeholders, from its field workers, contract farmers, suppliers, employees to shareholders and society.

Our uncompromising commitment to global quality standards in business management has ensured that our company has continuously grown and remained stable for more than fifty years. As Tekfen Agri, we aim for excellence with our strong belief in" continuous development "and" teamwork". We hold Tekfen's reputation above profitability.

Ensure the protection of the environment by preventing pollution, minimizing energy and natural resource consumption, Reduce waste production by encouraging recycling and reuse, Follow the values of truthfulness, honesty, transparency and fairness Respect human rights and cultural values, Minimize customer complaints, reset quality and residue problems, reduce costs and reflect it to customers, Be a pioneer in the practice of “good agriculture”, contributing to the awareness of producers on issues such as production, plant protection, pest control, and plant nutrition, producing the best quality product and delivering it to the customer, Nurture innovation in agricultural production using R&D activities, agricultural technologies and digital applications Ensure that the effectiveness of Management Systems is increased, constantly monitoring and improving applications. Raise the awareness that it is everyone's responsibility to stop unsafe work, supporting employees who stop unsafe work and devote time to HSE & Quality. Be responsible for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality with all managers and employees, comply with relevant laws, statutes, regulations, standards and customer specifications, Be prepared for emergencies, Take the necessary measures to prevent incidents, injuries and occupational diseases.

Tekfen Agricultural Research Production and Marketing Inc. and its subsidiaries Alanar Fruit and Food Production and Marketing Company and Hishtil - Toros Seedling have a goal of becoming the most preferred employer in local agricultural production, within the scope of human resources policies.

As the Human Resources Department, our goal is to contribute to the development and progress of our employees by hiring talented candidates in their field whose qualifications exceed our existing needs, and to support the development of their knowledge and experience necessary for our company.

Tekfen has set high ethical standards for everyone working on behalf of the company. Individuals must adhere to laws and regulations and comply with the requirements and standards set by Tekfen in performing their duties.

Tekfen provides a safe and healthy working environment in all its operations and tries to implement this atmosphere at every construction site where it operates. These standards are set out in the principles of Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSE-S) and all employees are expected to comply with these standards. Tekfen aims to minimize the environmental impact of its activities by taking preventive and sustainable measures to protect the environment. Employees must be aware of all environmental procedures and regulations and ensure that their work complies with existing standards, aim to minimize the environmental impact of activities within their area, and use company resources efficiently and sustainably. Tekfen employees, in the performance of their duties, avoid all relationships that may create or be perceived as a conflict of interest and negatively affect their own freedom of judgment or movement.

Tekfen respects all individuals without any discrimination and actively strives to ensure a positive work environment based on equality and diversity. Tekfen commits to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information it has. Employees or persons acting on behalf of Tekfen should never attempt to obtain personal information without a valid reason and permission to access it, or transmit personal data to someone inside or outside the company without being sure of its suitability.

Based on Tekfen agricultural company's strategy, culture and values, our competence model, which defines the behaviors that will prepare us for the future, consists of three parts.

  • Manage uncertainties
  • Responsible for work outputs
  • Create a collaborative work culture
  • Think creative and encourage creative thinking
  • Understand internal and external stakeholders, consider their needs
  • Think global, approach globally
  • Take agile decisions
  • Work with effective talents
  • Clarify goals

I Nurture Innovation

I'm Resilient

Tekfen Holding and Group Companies have training programs aimed at acquiring the technical skills needed by their employees and leadership development programs aimed at developing employees in a holistic structure. In this context, Tekfen designed the development programs that will help enhance the leadership skills of modern leader candidates, including relationship and communication skills, team management skills, business-oriented thinking, coaching skills, and entrepreneurship skills that would empower them to lead with productive and innovative ideas and channel these ideas inside and outside their companies, thereby leading the charge for development and transformation. The program types are as follows.

Catalog Programs

Technical Programs

Coaching Programs

Tekfen Holding and Group companies maintain a business environment where sustainable success is targeted, employees can ensure the balance in their business and private life in the right way, and where healthy, safe and ethical values prevail.

In this sense, our company attaches importance to employee satisfaction and carries out studies that will take into account the suggestions and expectations of employees. Each year, an internal customer survey and employee loyalty survey are conducted to measure employee loyalty and cooperation effectiveness under the leadership of independent international human resources consulting companies.

All our jobs are published ; you can apply for what you think is the right fit. By following the LinkedIn pages of Tekfen Agri and Alanar Fruit, you can keep up to date with the developments related to our company and capture new business opportunities.