Alanar Fidan brand, operating under Alanar Meyve A.Ş., set up an effective sapling production infrastructure to increase fruit production and exportation in Turkey. It grows saplings to yield fruits in types, varieties, qualities, and tonnages requested by customers in the USA, Europe, Far East, and throughout the world. Alanar Fidan is the leading brand in Turkey that grows saplings with a professional team and corporate perspective.

Alanar Fidan, exports modern fruit orchard products in Bursa, Çanakkale-Ezine, Afyon, Antalya-Serik, Malatya-Balaban and Manisa-Salihli, Kemer, Köprübaşı, Oraks and Çayköy, and enriches fruit exportation with new products. types and varieties. Domestic and foreign market-oriented fruit production Alanar Fidan grows saplings for new varieties upon R&D studies and market evaluations for these varieties demanded in the global market, and establishes modern orchards in Turkey on behalf of Alanar Fruit.

It offers products that enables Turkish producers to achieve production in line with global market demands. It increases modern fruit production and fruit exportation in line with market demand. It supports access of retail buyers to healthy fruit with e-commerce sales. It creates high-quality and efficient production models thanks to certified and virus-free sapling growth. Alanar Meyve aims to take the lead in Apricot, Pomegranate, and Japanese Plums in exportation to Europe and the World, just as it does with Cherries and Figs with high-quality saplings grown by Alanar Fidan.

Alanar Fidan is the future-oriented brand of Alanar Meyve in producing, processing, and marketing high-quality and healthy fruits thanks to modern fruit sapling production and marketing in Turkey, as well as its training and consultancy services.