It refers to Alanar Fruit’s Supporting Women’s Employment Project. It is a project developed to offer additional income, training and work-at-home opportunities to women who cannot work in agriculture, but have to make their living with handicrafts.

Alanar’s mobile team of agricultural engineers organizing on-site training events for producers in order to solve in the field the problems experienced by export-oriented producers with respect to Pesticide residues during the cultivation stage and to raise awareness about these issues and the mobile laboratory properly equipped to serve this purpose.

Alanar's project that provides comprehensive information data flow in processes for traceable fruit production; from gardens to the facility.

Kulüp Bahçeleri

Alanar Fruit’s awareness-raising project to encourage the new generation to eat fresh fruit in the season. Fruit distributions and field promotions are conducted with the support of Alanar Kimyo application.

Temasta Kal

Fruit management that is planned to be distributed in order to strengthen corporate communnication and support social responsibility projects.

The TV Programme prepared as an Actual-Educational programme and developed by the experienced team of agricultural engineers of Alanar PUMA, Tekfen Agricultural Corporate Communications Department. It was shot and broadcast by Çiftçi TV (Farmers TV) team. Follow us to watch all of the episodes with Turkish and English subtitles and for current and updated tips.