Alanar continues its R&D activities in all the fields from fruit production to delivery to the customer for many years. Alanar brings new fruit varieties from various regions of the world as South Africa, France, Netherlands, America to Turkey and makes plantations for trial purposes on Alanar lands in different regions and at different altitudes and determines the quality and productivity of fruits according to regions. New fruit types are planted in the allocated lands according to the results achieved as a result of R&D activities and producers are encouraged to produce such products.

Alanar brings experts and obtains consultancy from abroad in order to make correct implementations for the growing activities of its products as cherry, apricot, nectarine, Japanese plum, pomegranate and apple. Such information obtained from the experts in their fields are shared with all the producers all around Turkey and trainings are organized. Trials, concerning product preservation, are made for different types of fruits with packaging under different modified atmosphere conditions and storage conditions. It is determined which products give the best result in which packaging are researches for the purpose of extending shelf life.