As a result of the audits carried out in the orchard and fresh fruit processing plants, Alanar Fruit was entitled to receive GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GLOBALGAP certificates. Alanar Fruit, which received the GAP and GLOBALGAP certificates that it targets in line with ‘Sustainable Agriculture Principles’, proved that it makes a profitable and efficient agricultural production that does not harm the environment, human and animal health in order to protect natural resources, to ensure traceability and sustainability in agriculture as well as reliable product supply.

Alanar Fruit, operating under Tekfen Agriculture, one of the leading company of Turkey in agricultural production, was audited by GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GLOBALGAP certification bodies in line with the “Sustainable Agriculture Principles”. Samples were taken from the products as a result of the audit for GLOBALGAP and Good Agricultural Practices. The findings submitted from the samples taken were evaluated by the certification bodies and reported to the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry. As a result of the reporting, Alanar Fruit was entitled to receive GLOBALGAP and Good Agricultural Practices certificates for products in Alanar Fruit’s orchards of Çanakkale Ezine (cherry), Afyonkarahisar Sultandağı (cherry), Antalya Serik (pomegranate) and Manisa Salihli (apricot, plum, pomegranate), in addition, GLOBALGAP certificate for products in group producer orchards of Bursa (fig), İzmir (chestnut), Manisa (chestnut), Aydın (chestnut), Mersin (cherry), Afyonkarahisar (cherry), Konya (cherry), İzmir (cherry), Manisa (cherry), Mersin (cherry) and Malatya (apricot).

Orchards of Alanar Fruit is proud of being entitled to receive certicate by successfully passing the GLOBALGAP audits since 2003 and the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) audits regularly every season since 2010.  Alanar Fruit, which proves its value to human health and the environment with the GLOBALGAP and ITU certifications it receives every year, gives confidence to its business partners in the domestic and foreign markets by creating a safe food chain from orchard to shelf.

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